a province
that has
it all

The province of Malaga is currently among the most desired in all of Spain. Its climate, its security, its connections, its expanding economy, its gastronomy and its cultural environment, make it a perfect place to live and do business keeping an optimal and unique quality of life.

The golden mile:
the heart
of Marbella

Marbella is located in the Western part of the Costa del Sol. Worldwide known as luxury capital, for its extraordinary Mediterranean climate, the famous Puerto Banús and for having the largest concentration of golf courses in Spain.

The Golden Mile, named for the luxurious villas and urbanizations that face the beach, is the heart of the area and there you can find endless leisure options: hotels, restaurants, beach clubs, golf courses … A heart full of live that beats every minute of the day.

Malaga: an important
capital with an
extraordinary lifestyle

Malaga is among the European cities with the best quality of life. Its enviable climate is one of the factors that give it that privilege but, of course, it is not the only one. The city bustles between tradition and modernity and every street is a place to be surprised. With a cultural environment that continues to grow, leisure and gastronomy options to satisfy anyone and connections with everyone, Malaga has everything you are looking for in a large capital concentrated in a very comfortable city to live well.

¿What do to on the Costa del Sol?

The Costa del Sol is, of course, beach and sea, but also endless leisure, culture, gastronomy, elite sports… Everything you are looking for to make the most of your free time.


Small charming corners hidden in alleys, restaurants with spectacular views, Michelin stars that host internationally renowned chefs … Malaga offers a very high level of cuisine that allows you to enjoy a different flavor every day. One more point in favor of the quality of life offered by the province.


The world is very close to home thanks to the excellent connections that the province offers. The Malaga International Airport allows you to connect with the main European capitals, directly, in a few hours. The port has one of the most important and modern cruise terminals in Spain. In the heart of the city there is also the high-speed train station, which links the city with the rest of the province and the country.