The appeal of branded residential projects to high net worth individuals is obvious. Branded residences are luxury homes associated with a premium brand that offers recognition and prestige through the association, as well as services.

This type of project is recognized as a prestigious residential area that is awarded an emblematic international recognition. Therefore, the qualities, the services and its residents must live up to this recognition. The profile of the customer who buys this kind of product is a person who values saving time and comfort. For this reason, residential complexes offer day-to-day services that favour the quality of life of their residents.

When a buyer discovers a project associated with a large brand, they have the certainty that they will obtain a very high-quality product in which they are guaranteed continuous service management and constant maintenance of qualities. Another advantage of this type of premium complex is the guarantee of absolute tranquillity when residents are away from their residences, which goes from the technical maintenance of the house to the care of your flowers and good security service. 

In addition, being a complete resort with a wide variety of exclusive luxury services and facilities for residents, associated with a great brand, it allows residents to obtain a high and fast return through the seasonal rental of the home. The sector of branded projects is something that is being seen more and more. During these last years, it has experienced very high growth, around 170%. The Covid-19 pandemic has come with significant changes in our lives, including the disruption of global real estate markets. However, not all sectors have felt their impact equally, residential branded projects have proven to be more resistant than others. At Sierra Blanca Estates we know all the benefits that recognized brands bring to luxury real estate projects, which is why we have had the collaboration of Fendi Casa for the design of our luxurious residential development Epic Marbella furnished by Fendi Casa. Fendi, which is the world leader in branding magnificent residential projects. Its demands and requirements are a recognized guarantee that it offers a great quality project.